Solar Power Saves Money

Solar Power Saves Money

Solar power saves money for a lot of homes and businesses in the US and around the world.

I was a relatively early adopter of household solar panels on my home. I have a contract with  Solar City, and as year 7 comes to a close, I find that my savings have been more than they promised, and as satisfying as I knew they would be.



Your estimated savings so far


Tons of CO2 conserved and counting

Equivalent to

 Not driving a car for 134,642 miles

 Or avoiding the use of 29,137 gallons of water


I live in Arizona, where a lot of our power comes from nuclear. While this is a low cost (relative) and low emission (short term) source of power, even APS realizes that the long term disposal of spent nuclear is not resolved.

“Another consideration is the ultimate disposal of spent nuclear fuel as the federal government has not succeeded in establishing a permanent repository. Spent nuclear fuel from existing nuclear power plants continues to be stored at the individual plant sites, either in spent fuel pools or in dry cask storage facilities. “

Nuclear energy is at best delaying the cost and pollution of energy to the future generations. At worst, it is a destroyer of land, water and human life, as we have seen in Japan with their latest issues with their reactors.

Solar is resource heavy up front, but the operation over 20 plus years certainly seems a more viable solution. The wastes and pollutions that are generated are able to be mitigated with current technology. The same cannot be said for nuclear.

Pollution generated from coal fire plants is a huge issue. Air, soil and water are wasted and destroyed during mining as well as during power generation. Some of these are able to be mitigated, but air pollution seems to be a source that no one is willing to pay for, even though the technology DOES exist to mitigate it.

So back to my house.

We installed the solar system on my home in December of 2010. It was just in time to realize the last decent solar tax credits that were offered by the state and local government. Those tax breaks still exist to some extent, but not nearly as much as I received.

At the same time though, the prices were higher.

Demand was high, but production wasn’t really refined at that point.

The politics of all of this has led to cheaper systems, and less companies vying for the install money.

Solar City has stuck through all of us, and in my opinion it is because of their superior product and service. It is also due to their early leasing options.

I considered this when I got my system. The return on my investment, as projected, was pretty close either way- a payoff in 8 years.

They beat that. I was getting a return part way through the 6th year. I ended up using more power than projected, and it saved me even more than they estimated. Lucky me!

(now if APS would stop raising their generation fees, I could maintain my savings.)

The current environment has found energy companies wishing they had put more fees on the early adopters. They were no longer making as much money off of our solar systems. We saved money, when they obviously thought we wouldn’t.

They are restructuring rates so future installs are going to pay more than I will on my grandfathered system. But I still pay more than I used to.

The benefits are still there though. Leases can be very attractive ways to hedge the risks of an owned system.

If you think about the alternative, money wise- do you save any money or generate any power on your normal non solar home? Probably not.

You are tied to the grid no matter what, and need to pay what they offer you. You generate nothing. You just spend and consume.

And yes- I am on the grid, and I consume more than I make, but what else is my roof doing for me, besides keeping the rain out?

Solar Power Saves Money. Solar also saves air, water and soil in the long term.

Take a look at it in your area.

The links above are going to take you to the Solar Ambassador program. If you decide to buy a Solar City system, I might get a kick back. I never have gotten one before, but hope you might consider clicking it if you do want a quote on solar.

They can show you what to expect on your roof based on Goole maps and the amount of sun you get. It is interesting.




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