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Keep Chase Intact

Keep Chase Intact

Keep Chase Intact

I have spent a lot of time on my blog, covering girls, education and other types of issues that hurt women. Now let us take back and look at the other side of the population- boys.


There is a little boy in Florida that is at the center of a horrible battle between his parents. They are split, and there is a court ordering the mother to get the child circumcised.. at the age of 4.5

The child has been asked and doesn’t want this, and I can tell you that if you asked any child of any age if they want something chopped off of their body, they will say no. I think most adults will feel the same.

But a judge has decided that in spite of this being a very medically unnecessary procedure, and one certain to scar the child mentally for years, that Chase must undergo this mutilation.

Several doctors have decided not to perform this procedure. Whether this was because of their own medical judgement or fear of public defamation I don’t know. But they said no.

Yesterday I learned that Joe DiMaggio hospital in Florida has a doctor willing to perform this surgery on Chase. Reports are coming out that this doctor has a track record of being unresponsive to parents or combative..I don’t know about any of that.

What I do know, is that concerned people all over the world are flooding the Facebook page of the hospital to protest this. They had so many responses that they put out a statement this morning that this was a HIPPAA issue and that they won’t comment.

I have to say, there is nothing protected about what is happening to this boy. It is all documented in a public court case. It is all over the news. There is no privacy for this boy, and that is just as horrible as what is about to happen to him.

Whether you support circumcision or not- it is NOT practice to cut boys at this age. Not anywhere.


Please go to the page and express yourself, send letters. We have time. Perhaps someone will come to their senses. Do not let this boy undergo a procedure that has no medical value.