#NoDAPL Today is a Day of Action


Photo from IStandWithStandingRock Facebook page

What is happening at Standing Rock is horrifying to me. I am a real believer that water is life. That lands that belong to a long standing group, still belong to them. They have no right to be treated in this way.

Today has been designated as a day of action.

This link will tell you places and ways to support this land and these people:


Share the hashtag and links with your friends and family on social media. Tell the story to everyone you meet today. We can express our disgust with the process going on there, and maybe, just maybe, bring some positive change.



CSA Vegetables



I recently signed up for a CSA delivery basket. This is community supported agriculture.

In Phoenix, we have weird growing seasons compared to the east side of the world, and this is our best time of year for a variety of foods.

I made some awesome stuff with those Anaheim chilies. I will be posting the recipes on My Itzy shortly.

Organic produce is amazing for so many reasons.  If you get the chance to support it, please do!

I found my CSA on this link for Local Harvest.

Check it out for your area.