5 Ideas to Help You Stay Home

5 Ideas to Help You Stay Home


5 Ideas to Help You Stay Home

I have been home with my daughter, pretty much since she was born. ( I did go back to work briefly after she was born, but it wasn’t working out.. so I quit my job.) How the heck did I do it?

First off, we did have a nest egg. A nice one. But not matter how big that nest egg is, going from 2 incomes to one is a huge shock, especially when you add in a new baby. Not everyone can achieve this. It has been almost 2.5 years now, and we are still ok. Not absolutely fine, but decent enough that we are keeping things as is.

1. Cut costs to a minimum.

We got rid of cable about a year in. I suppose we could have cut this earlier, but with me being up all hours of the night that first year, I really felt that tv kept me sane. HBO, home improvement shows.. you get the idea. I logged MANY hours a day as I breastfed my daughter almost non stop.. it was complete insanity.. but the cost at the time seemed justified. I really thought I would be going back to work after a short time, so it really didn’t seem like a splurge. In hindsight- that was $1700 I could still use! Cut your landline. We never used it. We got that right away.

2. Save money on baby items

Use cloth diapers. I did our set up for under $200. If you are thinking you are going dryer free- use easy to dry flats and diaper covers- I have another post on that.. Breastfeed if you can. Formula is expensive. Bottles are expensive. It isn’t for everyone, but it sure was for us.. for 28 months! Be thrifty on clothing, furniture and supplies. Consignment stores are great places to pick this stuff up and then to unload it later if you no longer need it. Always check for recalls on toys and furniture just in case!

3. Learn to fix stuff

We have an older house, and a lot of my appliances are over 10 years old. Things break. ALL the time. Luckily, I have a man that loves to fix stuff. He can’t fix everything- like garage doors for example- ours has had 2 components fail in 6 years (personal note- would have been cheaper to get a new one installed vs. what we paid to repair this one.) We had to get those things fixed. It was very expensive! He was able to replace the garbage disposal. He was able to fix the dryer (AND OMG it was not easy!) He is pretty handy with the tools. He gets online and watches youtube videos until he understands, and off he goes! As for me, I have a fantastic sewing machine, and a little bit of skill. I can sew split seams, hem pants, replace buttons and button holes.. not fancy, but serviceable. I have gotten extra wear from MANY items. I thought it would be fun to sew baby clothes, but unless I have the fabric around, it is cheaper to buy used. lol.

4. Mama cloth

When my “special lady time” revisited me after my daughter’s birth, I was happy to try mama cloth to save a TON of money. I still use “disposable” pads for going out and travel, but that is such a small amount of time, I actually have not purchased any since daughter was born.. I had a stash and am just using them slowly. Mama cloth is pretty easy to make at home, or you could even buy pads.. but to save the most money- make it! I use old towels, scrap flannel.. and when my daughter finally potty trains, I will be using MUCH of her diaper inserts for my own mama cloth creations.

5. Online coupons and deals

I have always loved coupons, but found it a chore to get newspapers and flyers and such and clip all those little pieces of paper. Don’t get me wrong, if you are into it- do it. There are hundreds of coupons every week, and using them with strategic shopping can get you a bunch of savings. I have found that for us, using one grocery store and shopping their online deals has saved us a bundle. I go online before shopping trips, load the coupons I want to their discount card, and shop from a list. I also end up getting special coupons from them in the mail based on what we buy often. I don’t have to do much work for this.. easy as pie!


There are a million ways to save money if you put your mind to it.. what are your favorite ways?



5 Ideas to Help You Stay Home

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