#BringBackOurGirls, Day 116

Rachel Daniel, 35 years old, held up a picture of her abducted daughter Rose Daniel, 17, as her son Bukar, 7, sat beside her at her home in Maiduguri, Nigeria, in May. Reuters IMAGE FROM WSJ.

We did not #BringBackOurGirls again.

My apologies for being late with this post. My daughter has had a very high fever this week, and she has been miserable and in need of attention. I cannot deny her. What parent could?


The parents in Nigeria are still waiting for their daughters to return. No news on CNN again this week. It seems some bombing is now the focus. Not so say it shouldn’t be, but I will not let my story slip away.

I set off to Twitter again to find my updates. There are fewer tweets. Fewer news updates. Less interest. BUT I did see this- and I am not surprised it didn’t make big news, although it should have. The Wall Street Journal has this:

U.S. Planes Searching for Boko Haram Abductees Spot Girls in Nigeria


 “Recent U.S. surveillance flights over northeastern Nigeria showed what appeared to be large groups of girls held together in remote locations, raising hopes among domestic and foreign officials that they are among the group that Boko Haram abducted from a boarding school in April, U.S. and Nigerian officials said.”


Could this be true? The girls? Certainly now that this has been seen something can be done?

Or does this put their lives in peril? I can’t say. I want to think this is great news and for the first time in weeks I felt a twang of positivity.


My goal every week is still the same. To keep the story moving, to keep the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls alive.

To update my subscribers on Twitter, Facebook and my blog with the news of the week, however meager it has been.

And to keep reminding someone out there, anyone at all, that there is still someone thinking about these girls and their plight.

You can do the same. Even if you just share this post. Retweet some news.

I care.


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