#BringBackOurGirls, Day 151

#BringBackOurGirls, Day 151

Image is from http://rhythms.org/article/forgotten/

Image is from http://rhythms.org/article/forgotten/

Day 151 seems to bring as little hope as all the days and weeks before it. I scoured the online news websites,  as usual, and there was nothing to see in any mainstream reporting.

No surprise, today is a big day for other news, and rightfully so I suppose. We mourn 9/11. We lost so much that day- as a country and as individuals. Those families directly affected will not be getting their girls or boys back, ever.

The news I did see, leaves me with more questions than anything. The terrorists are attempting to strike a deal to return their “people” to them in exchange for 30 of the kidnapped girls according to this article.

They want 18 bad guys to swap for 30 girls. Apparently, the Nigerian government was under the impression that they were negotiating for the return of all the girls, but the terrorists were changing their minds, or never intending that in the first place. Hard to say. I would have a very hard time trusting them for anything at all.. but it is tantalizing to think that 30 could return.

Negotiating with terrorists sets us all up for such a slippery slope. It just will encourage them to do similar acts of terror to gain whatever it is that they are looking for. But I am sure the families would love to see their daughters home, who wouldn’t?

Whatever comes next, I think everyone can agree that this has gone on for too long already. The status of the girls is unknown. Their conditions are sure to be dismal. And the terrorists just keep terrorizing.

However, ever week I will be here. Reporting a tidbit or two that I find. Trying to keep hope alive for them. Trying to keep the hashtag rolling, in case anyone is still listening.

We care. #BringBackOurGirls

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