#BringBackOurGirls Day- too many…

#BringBackOurGirls Day- too many…

So here we are in practically September, and we have not yet been able to #BringBackOurGirls.

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Lots of reasons are involved in this. Certainly there are huge political and social issues converging in Nigeria and ebola is jut not making life easier for these folks. It is hard to focus on these girls in the face of the violence going on here. The deaths from disease.

The whole country seems to be in turmoil. But we cannot forget these girls in the midst of all of this.

They matter.

They matter because they are 200 innocent girls that were just trying to better themselves through education and a political terror group is trying to take that away from all women in Nigeria.

This is wrong.

We must also consider the families. How would your life be in this situation? I have talked about this before and it is horrifying. I searched the web for relevant stories this week, and it was a very hard search.. I did find an article from July that focuses on these families. In fact 11 of the parents. They have died in related violence in Nigeria.


That was July.. what about the end of August? I am certain there are more dead by now. I am sure there will be more.

So from the girls’ perspective- you are captured, humiliated, certainly abused mentally and physically and if you are finally released to what you think will be the loving arms of your parents, you find that they are gone.

SO many angles to this story. So many small stories making up a complete picture of horrors. I feel for them.

I have no answers to this problem. I have no delusions that a few bombing campaigns or military invasion would fix this. I can only contribute my small voice each week to the hastag campaign. I can write letters. I can advocate for the education of women..

You can too. Please let us not forget these girls. Keep the hashtag and their story alive.


#BringBackOurGirls Day- too many…

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