#BringBackOurGirls, too long

I have been a bit delayed on my posts, and I apologize. A new job is kicking my butt, and blogging has had to take the second spot in my life. I am still here though!


This last week has seen some bad and good as usual. We saw that the Nigerian government teamed up with some local vigilantes and took back Chibok, where the girls are from.

The article on BBC noted that the town is not a particularly important one strategically in the battle against the terrorists. They have taken so many towns like it- but of course because of the news with the girls- more people are interested. A bittersweet success I suppose. More deaths and killings with the girls’ families. Even if they do get to return home, I am not sure what home looks like for them.

So we pass once again- another week. No news of the process of bringing the girls home.

I cannot help this week but give thanks for being able to live in a country where my daughter is free to get an education. She is free to marry whom she chooses when the day comes. Yes we have issues, but they are not like the ones in Nigeria. Equality is a far far stretch for them right now. It makes me grateful to have all that I do.


So- the call is the same to all of you- don’t forget them. Roll the hashtag. #BringBackOurGirls


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