#BringBackOurGirls – A Positive Piece Today

#BringBackOurGirls – A Positive Piece Today


Picture from http://afkinsider.com/70855/bringbackourgirls-15-chibok-schoolgirls-get-university-scholarships/

Sometimes I get drowned in the negativity of this situation with the girls in Nigeria.

And why not?

Life is certainly misery for them, and certainly for their families. All we hear is how nothing has progressed, and nothing is helping to #BringBackOurGirls.

I found a nice story today in relation to this dragging out tale. It is the story of a bit of positivity in this whole mess. It is a small thing overall, but for 15 girls that managed to escape, it allows them to continue the very thing that GOT them kidnapped in the first place- and THAT is pursuing an education.

I see in this story


that the escaped girls have been gifted an education in the form of university scholarships.

It might be easy to give up when you have to work so hard to stay alive AND get an education. It makes it slightly easier to be with your peers when you are on scholarship for that education.


The folks that made this happen have not only taken a positive step to help these girls in their recovery from trauma.

They are doing more than giving them a chance to take back what was kidnapped from them- education.

They are doing more than allowing these women to use their education to better themselves and their families.

They are actively defying those that kidnapped the Chibok girls.

They are showing that women WILL be educated.

They are showing that even though they still have most of the girls, that THESE 15 girls are going to fight for what is theirs- and education.

I would like to see some more positive news out there surrounding these girls.

Are you writing your letters?

Are you keeping the hashtag rolling this week? Tell me!

#BringBackOurGirls – A Positive Piece Today

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