#BringBackOurGirls Still No Progress

Another week has passed, and the only real news I saw was the story about the Nigerian government giving up their efforts to find the girls.


I did find a story from Time this week, and it made me even sicker.


It gives a little more detail about the girls and what past kidnapping histories have told us. Even if or when these girls are returned- they may be pregnant, certainly emotionally scarred from their time in captivity, but to add another layer to this tragedy, the girls will also be considered tainted.

Picture from http://time.com/2962866/bringbackourgirls-still-hasnt-brought-them-back/

Even if they somehow escape being sexually assaulted, it will always be a question to make suitors who are notorious for wanting a “pure” woman. Reportedly, women in Nigeria already have very few options in their lives, and marriage to a man that can care for them financially is sometimes their best hope for a decent life. This essentially destroys that possibility.

If they come back pregnant, the children will be treated poorly.

I think that if this ever manages to be a situation where these girls return home, they should be offered some other options. Perhaps a humanitarian effort to relocate these women to the US? Or somewhere where they can start life with a clean slate.

Perhaps some scholarships somewhere where they can finish the education that these terrorists are trying to deny them. Education is what they want to destroy- we are uniquely able to provide that here in the US.

We need to look forward and start making plans. We are still here. We are not forgetting you ladies. We still care. Keep the hashtag rolling.



Ps- Sorry dear readers for the tardiness of this post, I set off to write it last night and had computer issues for HOURS.

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