#BringBackOurGirls, How Two Girls Escaped

#BringBackOurGirls, How Two Girls Escaped

It is close to the 6 month mark and we have yet to #BringBackOurGirls.

I cannot imagine the horrors they continue to endure, and I cannot fathom how the world has seemingly forgotten about them.


I for one have not. And neither has Frederica Wilson. I know nothing about this woman, except that she has endlessly worked to help #BringBackOurGIrls.

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Frederica Wilson ‏@RepWilson 7h6 hours ago RT @naijama: A small, but determined crowd demands #BringBackOurGirls on #SpeakOutSaturday at Marina, Lagos


I follow her tweets each week, because she always has her finger on the pulse of this campaign. This week she posted a powerful article about 2 girls that escaped the terrorists. You can read it here:


I was so touched by this story. In summary, 2 girls jumped off the back of the kidnappers truck the night of the event. One broke her legs in the jump. The girl broke her legs and damaged her knees so badly she had to slide on her belly all night, with the help of her friend to escape.

All night. Through the dark. Alone and afraid.

In the end, they found a man that agreed to help them, but reluctantly as he himself was afraid of the consequences of helping them. A grown man was afraid. Imagine how these girls felt. And how very brave they were to take that chance to jump.

How much pain did they girl endure? I cannot imagine. She was in medical care for a very long time. She certainly will never be the same.

She clearly is interested in continuing her education, and for that I am so proud of her. So clear in her intent, that no terrorist is going to take that from her.

SO ask yourself this week, are you going to share the hashtag? Are you going to email a representative for your area and ask for help on this? We cannot forget the girls. They want an education, and deserve it, and should not be tortured for it.

Do you want to donate to help a girl? Go here http://jubileecampaign.org/funds/education-after-escape-fund/



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