Did we #BringBackOurGirls this week?

Six weeks after their kidnapping, the campaign to #BringBackOurGirls has not yet made much progress. The 200 girls have not been returned, and the news is still not very promising on this front.

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Apparently the location where they are being held is now known, but the government feels it is too dangerous to engage in a military action to help remove them from their captors. Certainly the group that took them intends to fight with all of their force to keep the girls, and their well-being is definitely in danger.

This must be even more maddening for the parents, knowing that the place where they are being held is known, and still nothing is done to bring them home. My heart breaks for these families and the girls.

There was a very nice interview on CNN this week with a female Nigerian polo star, Neku Atawodi, that really gives a good background on the landscape where these girls are from. She talks about the importance of education, especially for girls in this region. As in most parts of the world, an education is the key to elevating oneself above poverty and low paying or no jobs. By threatening the education of these girls, and others, the terror group is threatening the future of women and a country itself.

It constantly amazes me how we can tolerate this sort of behavior and mindset in this day and age. It makes me sad for them, and for all of us.

The interview is fantastic though.

Check it out for yourself:




And please don’t forget- keep the hashtag rolling in your media- #BringBackOurGirls.

We know it is not a lot to do, but it is something, and it helps keep the girls in the minds of governments around the world. These girls should not be forgotten. They need to be brought home.

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