#BringBackOurGirls- Not yet.

There was a lot of hope on the twitterverse. There was reportedly a cease fire negotiated with the terrorists and the Nigerian government. There was a report that Tuesday was going to be the day of the release.

I felt real excitement. I poured over the news several times an hour waiting for the triumph to appear.

Alas, it did not. In fact, the stories were that there were more terrorist attacks.

This morning I read reports that 45-60 more girls were kidnapped.

Clearly, the release was not on their minds. Perhaps it never was.

Could it have been a terrorist joke so they could make moves to secure more villages under their terror? Was it a false report all along? I couldn’t say.


I feel so bad for the families- in spite of all the horrors, they want they want their girls back. Alive. Whole. It is cruel to toy with them in this way.

Were the girls also told they would be released? We don’t know.

The only benefit I can see to this, is that for 2 seconds, the story was in the news again. BBC, CNN.. they all ran a blip about the possibility that the girls would be released.

To me, that is promising. If there is still news out there, people are interested, and have not given up hop that they will be set free.


There was an article on Al Jazeera today that kind of picked at us today


It mocked the efforts of the hashtag campaign. Called us misguided and uninformed. But I have asked in the comments- what would you have us do?

I honestly want to know. I can’t go fight my way into the camp. I have not money to fight for them, and even if I did, how would I know that it would help anyone? What SHOULD we be doing? Because nothing does not seem the answer to me..

(ugh- my question is not there, I will try to post again)

People are still commenting saying the hashtag campaign is useless.. some say why not. But they are saying something.

I am still here each week- although I have to say I would LOVE to blog next week about something else on my Thursday afternoon… until then though, I will be here.

Not forgetting. Not giving up hope. Waiting for the day that they



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