Hurricane Odile

Hurricane Odile

Well kids, looks like Phoenix is about to get slammed with yet another hurricane.. what? This is the desert people!

We have already had double our average rainfall for the year. We are not even through the monsoon season yet.. and of course we usually get rain in November and December.. so what are we in for? Hurricane Odile that is what.


At our house we have been pretty lucky… knocks on wood… we haven’t lost power, and only had a few leaky windows which were not a big deal.

We got one window caulked up and it held.. the other window still has a leak, but we need to look into it more since he leak does not appear to be near the frame. That is bad news probably.. could be somewhere we can’t get to easily.

So- anyway- Odile has already torn up Cabo and every place in its path. We are seeing cloudy skies already this morning and there is a 50% chance of rain. It increases to 80% by Wednesday. Lucky us!

Normally I would be happy to see the rain, but when it comes down so hard and so fast, it runs right off and takes everything with it. All it has down for us was create TONS of weeds in our yard. And they are mean weeds.. hard to kill, hard to even pull. It is amazing.

I am trying to make sure we are stocked up on everything we might need.. batteries, propane.. you never know when power will go out. Best to be ready!

So- if you all notice that the posts are not coming this week, you will know we lost power.. lol… at least it won’t be terribly hot during the storm.. just humid as all get is already humid today!

Torrential Rain in my yard

Torrential Rain in my yard

(even the bushes are falling over from the rain)

Living in the desert means we can go months without seeing a drop of rain. We get most of our rain in a few storms throughout the year…today we got ALL the rain in like 3 minutes I swear…

Streets are flooded, people have lost power and it is muggggy.


We are just not used to this weather. I have lived in this house for 13 years and cannot recall a rain quite like this before. Intense!


Although we need the water, we don’t need it all at once- it just rolls off.. lol.

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

Cloth Diapering Without a Dryer

We have been without a dryer for about a week now-cloth diapering without a dryer is different to say the least. I am feeling pretty stubborn about buying a new one so the man has been troubleshooting ours to get it to work.


We have been finding ways to get our diapers washed and dried without an insane amount of fuss.

For one- my daughter has been sick for a week and has not been making a lot of dirty diapers for me. I am not happy she is sick but the coincidence has made the lowered volume of diapers a bit convenient.

Second, we can’t dry anything outside because of allergies and and insane amount of dirt and pollen in the air. We CAN use the garage though, and in Phoenix in summer that is just as good as a dryer without the tumbling. We do have access to the tumbling function of our dryer, so even though there is no heat, we can still use it for that.

So what did we find out so far?

1.Microfiber, velour, terry cloth and thick overnight inserts take forever to dry and they end up crunchy.

2. Flats are fabulous. They dry fast anywhere, and they don’t end up terribly crunchy.

3. Flips are always fabulous and it doesn’t matter if you have a dryer or not for these because we usually hang them dry anyway. We have about 10 I think and we find them more than enough for a toddler. We had a few more diapers in the mix as she has grown, but if you are on a budget Flips are where I would put money. They are one size, and easy to maintain and clean.

4. We have a few pocket diapers, and they do ok in this routine. Frankly though, I am not a fan of pockets overall, so I don’t suggest them. If you do want to use these with microfiber, you don’t have to worry about scratchy microfiber touching baby skin since it is tucked away.( I always hang my pocket diapers to dry anyway.)

See the Amazon widget for a link to some examples of what we are using.

So here is our set up.

1. We wash. We have a HE washing machine so the liquid is pretty effectively removed.

2. We take out the Flip liners and just hang them any old way in the bathroom. We keep a regular clothes hanger on the shower rack and I snap them all together and hang them there. It is like a big diaper chain. It dries within a few hours since our humidity is so low here. We can add a fan to the room if we need the diapers faster.

3. I separate out the flats and unwrinkle them. I try to get them as unwrinkled as possible and hang them individually, spread out on our dryer rack.

(see the Amazon widget for the one we use- we had one already that we used to dry hockey gear with. It works great for stinky gear and diapers.)

I can fit a decent number of these on here- probably about 20 easily. You don’t need clothespins for this type of process. You can add a fan to this area as well if you need to dry the flats faster- I find they dry easily overnight, so I don’t usually do that.

I do all the baby laundry together, so anything else she has in there I put on baby hangers and just dangle those along the drying rack. That stuff takes a little longer.

As a side note, we are of course drying our clothes and towels by line as well. Those go in the garage, on a make shift clothesline that the man set up for us. Everything goes on hangers out there too.. lol

4. We are still washing some microfiber inserts and thick overnight inserts. This I do not suggest with no dryer. I am hanging them in the garage, and I find they take FOREVER to dry. They are not soft and they are all stretching to weird shapes.. When I take some of them out they are literally as stiff as a piece of paper. Once we get a dryer again I am not sure if they will return to softness again.


5. Since we do still have the tumbling dryer available, I toss everything in there for a cycle and fill the dryer with my wool dryer balls. I have a few home made ones, but most of mine are Woolzies, which I reviewed last year, and  find to be superior.

The dryer balls really soften everything up and it has been great. If you don’t have the dryer, you can definitely get by with squishing up your flats to soften them. They don’t get nearly as crunchy as the microfiber inserts and such

Overall, I am only missing my dryer a little. I find the house is much cooler, and although it adds a short amount of extra work, it isn’t terrible. I do wash the loads a little more often so I don’t need to dry a lot at once. It hasn’t been as terrible as I thought it would be.

The man is going to be trying another round of troubleshooting after work tonight, so we shall see how that goes. Until then, I will keep “line drying.”

It CAN be done, and I will say I am CERTAIN if you go this route, you will be able to save tons of money both on diapers and electricity!

If you want to go one more step and go without a washer, I am betting you will find that possible as well. Don’t let the naysayers say nay!

Cloth diapering without a dryer can be done!

Gift card Giveaway for The Ultimate Green Store

If you are interested in picking up some green school supplies for yourself or the kids, check out the giveaway on the Itzybellababy giveaway and review blog.

The Ultimate Green Store has a ton of post and preconsumer supplies as well as TONS of other eco-friendly and organic products for your household.


Summer is here- Support Local Produce And Co-ops

Summer is here- Support Local Produce And Co-ops

Summertime features some of the tastiest and freshest fruit around. I love to check out what the local farmers are selling to inspire me to make incredible deserts and snacks.

(I have no green thumb and have had little success gardening here in the desert of Phoenix, so I really depend on the other local folks to grow organic produce for my family.)

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Wordless Wednesday- Organic Farm! 5/21/14

Somehow I had never heard of this organic farm- Singh Farms in Scottsdale. This weekend we got to check it out and we had a great time. We picked up some incredible organic produce and got to walk around the farm to see where it was all grown.

It is so important to try to eat organic and non GMO, and supporting a local organic farm is the best way I can think of to achieve both of these goals. It can be a little tricky in Phoenix, since we do not have the same growing seasons as everywhere else, and what can be grown is somewhat limited, unless extreme measures are taken. I am a horrible gardener, and have never been able to keep much alive besides citrus. And even that is questionable in my yard.. lol.

I am amazed at the way that this organic farm has integrated shade into the design, which gives them an extended growing season in this desert environment. The sun is doom for most gardens here.

There are some fascinating grounds here- you can see chickens and there are benches and little nooks to enjoy the farm, shaded! My daughter wandered about and touched and smelled and just giggled and laughed at being able to see so many awesome things.

I guess the farm closes in June, so we won’t be able to go again this month. I am really bummed! We got the best veggies and some insanely good tasting eggs.

There is a mad rush when the store opens at 8 and things sell out fast, so if you are planning on going, plan ahead. Dress cool. Wear close toed shoes unless you want dirty feet.. lol.

If you get tired, you can sit at this little shaded patio and chill out. My daughter thought this table was pretty cool. She didn’t want to leave, and who can blame her? Going to an organic farm is fun!

Fun times at organic farm

Fun times at organic farm

Wordless Wednesday 5-14-14


Yesterday my daughter and I went to visit my friend’s horses. Yes. Plural. She has 4 (one was off at “school” so we didn’t get to meet him.)

This particular horse is a mini- only 38 inches I think, and he is full grown. He is a bit of a camera hog. He kept getting his mug all up in my camera lens. Very cute and sweet.

We spent some time feeding them carrots and taking 700 pictures. Yes, 700. My camera has an auto function and will take a series of pix in a row, which makes it easier to catch the antics of horses and toddlers.

I will be publishing more pictures in an upcoming review. Stay tuned, because the cute overload is coming!