#NoDAPL Today is a Day of Action


Photo from IStandWithStandingRock Facebook page

What is happening at Standing Rock is horrifying to me. I am a real believer that water is life. That lands that belong to a long standing group, still belong to them. They have no right to be treated in this way.

Today has been designated as a day of action.

This link will tell you places and ways to support this land and these people:


Share the hashtag and links with your friends and family on social media. Tell the story to everyone you meet today. We can express our disgust with the process going on there, and maybe, just maybe, bring some positive change.



Keep Chase Intact


Keep Chase Intact

Keep Chase Intact

Keep Chase Intact

I have spent a lot of time on my blog, covering girls, education and other types of issues that hurt women. Now let us take back and look at the other side of the population- boys.


There is a little boy in Florida that is at the center of a horrible battle between his parents. They are split, and there is a court ordering the mother to get the child circumcised.. at the age of 4.5

The child has been asked and doesn’t want this, and I can tell you that if you asked any child of any age if they want something chopped off of their body, they will say no. I think most adults will feel the same.

But a judge has decided that in spite of this being a very medically unnecessary procedure, and one certain to scar the child mentally for years, that Chase must undergo this mutilation.

Several doctors have decided not to perform this procedure. Whether this was because of their own medical judgement or fear of public defamation I don’t know. But they said no.

Yesterday I learned that Joe DiMaggio hospital in Florida has a doctor willing to perform this surgery on Chase. Reports are coming out that this doctor has a track record of being unresponsive to parents or combative..I don’t know about any of that.

What I do know, is that concerned people all over the world are flooding the Facebook page of the hospital to protest this. They had so many responses that they put out a statement this morning that this was a HIPPAA issue and that they won’t comment.

I have to say, there is nothing protected about what is happening to this boy. It is all documented in a public court case. It is all over the news. There is no privacy for this boy, and that is just as horrible as what is about to happen to him.

Whether you support circumcision or not- it is NOT practice to cut boys at this age. Not anywhere.


Please go to the page and express yourself, send letters. We have time. Perhaps someone will come to their senses. Do not let this boy undergo a procedure that has no medical value.

Free Summer Reading Program Wrap Up

I have been delighted to see several places over the past weeks offering free reading programs for kids. The way they work is you log your books or amount of time reading every day, and in return you receive a free book at the end of the program.


Free Summer Reading Program Wrap Up at Itzybellababy

Free Summer Reading Program Wrap Up at Itzybellababy

Here is a wrap up of the places I have found!



Barnes and Noble– Read 8 books and receive a free book from a specific list


 Phoenix Library – Log your reading every day, each minute is a point- 500 points – a free book!


Changing Hands Book Store This is year round. Points are earned from reading books and attending special events in store (Phoenix Area)


Half Priced Books Reading 15 minutes a day each month during the program earns reader points towards a free book


Scholastic Summer Reading Program Readers log minutes and get points towards prizes


Pizza Hut Book-it Program  Free items earned- not sure the details- launches 6/22


TD Bank This is for k-5 only- read 10 books and take the form to a TD Bank and get a free $10 account.


There are so many more- I will keep you updated as I find them. I love encouraging reading in my house, and free books are a great way to motivate kids to stay active on summer break!




Nigeria in Turmoil

I thought this week you could check out a creation from Imgur.


No this is not a source for news, but it is an interesting commentary on how we have been fed, or not fed the stories from around the world. This is not a bashing of anyone covering a terrorist action that killed a few people.


But it is a bashing of news that seems to have forgotten that every day people are killed in Nigeria by terrorists. Every day there are girls kidnapped and harmed in ways we do not want to eve imagine. And all this in the name of destroying education and knowledge.


Check it out and tell me what you think.



Let’s Cure Childhood Cancer Together


Let’s Cure Childhood Cancer Together

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and zulily is doing their part to help find a cure.

Through September 30thtogether with zulily we can help fund the Ben Towne Foundation, a nonprofit public charity that is working to accelerate the pace of new breakthrough research.

Doctors at the Ben Towne Childhood Cancer Center for Research at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute have been working on an immunotherapy treatment that could make cancer treatment as we know it a thing of the past—within our lifetime. They are developing a treatment that uses a child’s own immune system to fight cancer, eliminating the need for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Within 20 years, this cure could become the new normal. 

Together we can help the reality of finding a cure go from ‘if’ to ‘when’.Visit zulily to donate to the Ben Towne Foundation, and to read more about the lives that this potential cure has already touched, and the doctors working so hard to make this miracle real.


100% of all donations will be used to support the research at the BTCCCR. 

Top 5 Things I learned While Breastfeeding

Top 5 Things I learned While Breastfeeding

To continue my celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2014 I am publishing 7 days of breastfeeding posts.



logo from http://worldbreastfeedingweek.org/


If you have been following along, you know that I breastfed my daughter for 27 months. She decided to wean last month while we are on vacation. I am trying to `find ways to commemorate our time and also to reflect on the experience. Here is a list of the top 5 things I learned in my 27 months of breastfeeding.

1. Everyone has an opinion on breastfeeding.

Face it people, we are in a judgeymcjudgerson society.

If you tell someone you are breastfeeding, they have an opinion and they are going to share it with you. Whether you want to hear it or not. You will get some weird advice- toughen up your nipples with sand paper. (OMG WTF?) Breastfeeding will ruin your marriage. If you don’t supplement with a bottle your baby will starve.

One piece of advice I did not get- toughen up cupcake, everyone is going to have an opinion on breastfeeding.


2. Breastfeeding is hard, but also easy

I was fortunate to have an incredible birth team and a great lactation consultant who also happened to be my Doula. We took all the classes and we were very well informed. We had a hard time at first, but once we got the hang of it, say, after a year or so, it was easier.


I think the frequency of feeding was rigorous to say the least (every 2-4 hours), but the actual act was not hard once established. We did it 27 months, it was barely a thing once she started sleeping. It was MUCH easier than bottles. It is not easy or hard for everyone.

3. People don’t always want to know you breastfeed and certainly don’t want to see it

Most of the people that don’t want to see or hear about this don’t have kids or are not around kids and don’t like kids.  Others just don’t want to see it. No matter. It will occur.  If you need to do it, do it.

4. I was not a big public nurser, and had no desire to

I didn’t nurse in public more than a few times (other than my breastfeeding support group). And those times were pretty much still not public. I am sure no one was around. I pumped and brought milk, and I scheduled trips around feeds. I fed my daughter in cars and fitting rooms and it was ok. I never fed her in a bathroom stall. She was never denied what she needed, but I just never wanted to deal with the drama that I read about online.

5. You DO need support to breastfeed

After having a baby you are depleted, emotionally and physically. Hormones turn you into someone you don’t even know anymore. If you decide to breastfeed, and you get all the classes and training, you still need support at home.

If someone is pushing you to supplement, you may be tempted.

If you are having a hard time  getting going, you will be tempted.

You sometimes need to hear that someone else went through this, or you may even need a medical intervention like to repair a tongue tie or lip tie.

There are people out there to help- sometimes online in support groups, sometimes in the form of solid research like http://kellymom.com/ sometimes a live support group, sometimes a mate or friend.

Get that support, however you can if you want to keep going. It is out there, and can be 100% free. But don’t give up!


Those are the top 5 things I learned while breastfeeding- what are yours?