Wordless Wednesday- Organic Farm! 5/21/14

Somehow I had never heard of this organic farm- Singh Farms in Scottsdale. This weekend we got to check it out and we had a great time. We picked up some incredible organic produce and got to walk around the farm to see where it was all grown.

It is so important to try to eat organic and non GMO, and supporting a local organic farm is the best way I can think of to achieve both of these goals. It can be a little tricky in Phoenix, since we do not have the same growing seasons as everywhere else, and what can be grown is somewhat limited, unless extreme measures are taken. I am a horrible gardener, and have never been able to keep much alive besides citrus. And even that is questionable in my yard.. lol.

I am amazed at the way that this organic farm has integrated shade into the design, which gives them an extended growing season in this desert environment. The sun is doom for most gardens here.

There are some fascinating grounds here- you can see chickens and there are benches and little nooks to enjoy the farm, shaded! My daughter wandered about and touched and smelled and just giggled and laughed at being able to see so many awesome things.

I guess the farm closes in June, so we won’t be able to go again this month. I am really bummed! We got the best veggies and some insanely good tasting eggs.

There is a mad rush when the store opens at 8 and things sell out fast, so if you are planning on going, plan ahead. Dress cool. Wear close toed shoes unless you want dirty feet.. lol.

If you get tired, you can sit at this little shaded patio and chill out. My daughter thought this table was pretty cool. She didn’t want to leave, and who can blame her? Going to an organic farm is fun!

Fun times at organic farm

Fun times at organic farm

Wordless Wednesday 4/30/14

You all may know I have a toddler. I also have another blog that I still maintain for reviews and giveaways and such.. this week I had to do a review of an awesome bicycle light. I had to do a photo shoot for the review to demonstrate how it looks and such. I decided to use the toddler bike for a trial.


The toddler was very interested in this of course, and there was much unhappiness as I installed it, because she knew what I was doing and she wanted it NOW. The photos amused me, and didn’t all end up in the review…she will be enjoying the light now though…


Lumenz bike light and toddler

Lumenz bike light and toddler