Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling


The holidays are going to be over soon, and if you have a live Christmas tree, you may be looking for a place to do Christmas tree recycling.

Christmas Tree Recycling

My daughter decorating her fake tree.. we won’t be recycling this one just yet!

Check with your local trash pickup service- there are cities that offer curbside pickup of your tree.

Check to see if anyone does pickups for donations. There are many groups that will charge a small fee to pick up your tree, and the money goes to a charity, a group or of course a business.

These are easy services to use, just make sure you comply with their requests to remove all ornaments lights, garland tinsel etc.

Drop Off

Many cities will feature a drop off schedule that you can look up on your bill or other mailing materials. These programs will shred the trees and turn them into mulch for parks and other city spaces.

 Christmas tree Recycling

No matter what you are looking for- the place to find ALL of your Christmas tree recycling (and other kinds of recycling too) is Earth911.

You type in your zip code on their recycling finder and it will show you the places closest to you to recycle.

I simply adore their service- they have been around since the 90s. I know quite a bit about them actually- since I used to work there back in the day when it was a tiny little office with just a handful of people.. really grass roots stuff.. but it has taken off and grown into so much more!


Whatever you decide- don’t let that tree end up in the landfill!

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