Earth Friendly and Eco Friendly Business cards

printed at Morningprint

printed at Morningprint

I needed eco friendly business cards.

I will be the first to admit that business cards are not the most friendly things on the planet. When you think about how they are used, they are not really meant for long lasting effects or usage. However, after being in the professional world for over 15 years, I have realized that they are a necessity for business.

I am going to be going to a Bloggy Boot Camp in a few weeks, and having just changed to my new website, I realize that I need new cards for my blog. I also need them to look great, represent my eco-attitude and also not bankrupt me. After all- I am not a full time blogger, and I need to seriously mind my budget.

There are a few companies that offer paper that has a recycled content percentage. Most of these are white papers and they look just like other paper. That is great if that is what you are looking for. Many people want the eco lifestyle to be seamlessly transferred into their world. If you are looking for this option consider:

Vistaprint– I have used their printing services in the past for very inexpensive cards, product labels, and other printed materials. They run frequent specials on business cards, but you have to make sure you select the recycled paper, as it is not their standard. It costs more and the super low deals they have are not always usable on this category. They have nice looking cards though, an easy enough interface whether you want pre-designed cards or custom cards.

I played with cards that were color front, black and white back and had a recycling symbol on the back. The price for 250 cards was $26 with shipping at $7 offers a recycled content paper in white. I have no experience with this company other than online but they do have some cool shapes and such to choose from. They have a super easy price quote tool but I wasn’t able to design a card easily so I kind of gave up. For 250 cards, color printing on the back the price was $40 with $9 shipping. This was way over my budget for white cards.

There are probably several more companies that offer white recycled content paper, but I was not seeking this option so I moved on.

Kraft paper is the choice I made for paper to make my eco friendly business cards.

Something to consider- the paper does have a color, so it may impact the way that your logo appears. You will want to understand the limitations on this before selecting this.

1.– When I polled bloggers which cards they used MOST of them said Moo. I was actually surprised by this. With so many folks having access to a myriad of affiliates to choose from, they chose Moo anyway. It says a lot about their work I think.  They also have a wide variety of pre made designs and the ability to customize. The online tool was a bit limiting to me and I spent a lot of time trying to line things up and was a little frustrated by this. They had Kraft paper though, so when it came down to it, I was deciding between Moo and Morningprint. The online tool was actually the deal breaker for me with Moo. It may not be for you though.

Prices were much higher than other companies for this type of paper. It was $79 for 200 cards ( I did select color fronts and backs on this one, but the price wasn’t double because of that.) I didn’t even stick around to see the shipping costs- for me the $80 was just too high. They did offer 50 cards for around $23.

2. is a company that I did not see until AFTER I ordered my cards. I am a little bummed about this, as they are truly selling themselves as an all around green shop, as opposed to a regular shop with green options. I see that they have soy inks, many quality and green certifications, and the prices were competitive. A basic quote was $37 with $16 shipping for 250 Kraft paper cards. A bit more than what I got, but they are a greener option. I only heard one person comment on them and it was positive, but they are really not as popular as the other sites. There may be coupons or deals, but I didn’t see them.


3. is the company that I used to acquire my Kraft paper business cards. They have a very wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors available and a decent online tool to build your own cards. They have a lot of different papers to choose from overall. I was able to make a card fairly quickly and the price was average for the Kraft paper. I did not see any coupons online that I could use- although, apparently they do exist. Perhaps the mailing list is a good source of these. I have not received my cards yet, so I cannot comment on the quality, although the folks I polled online spoke highly of them. I anticipate they will be awesome.

My cards were 2 sided, color front black and white back, and they were 22.98 plus ~$12 for shipping. I ordered 200, the minimum quantity.

There are other companies that offer some insanely nice cards made of seeded paper or handmade paper, but they were so expensive that I think for most people in my niche, they are just not feasible. They were averaging $1 or more PER CARD. If you can afford that please do investigate those. Environmentally they are certainly more compliant.

Overall, I found the process of finding eco-friendly business cards to be a hassle. I hope this post has helped you select something suitable for your needs. If you have another company to suggest please mention it in the comments- I would love to offer the other readers more choices!


Please note- although I often post links to affiliate sites and may receive an incentive from time to time for doing so- I did NOT receive anything from the above companies. 

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