Five Things for Frugal Friday

Five Things for Frugal Friday

So this week I have come to the place where I have not had any freelance work in several weeks. I make a very very small amount on my blogs and reviews, and this will not be sufficient to pay the bills.

We have already cut tons from our budget.

I am looking for a job, this could take a long time.

I am actively trying to solicit more freelance work.

But we need to do more. In this vein, I have been brainstorming ways to not spend money on things we need.

Here are the things I am trying this week:

1. Using coconut oil for oral care

I have coconut oil that I have been using for some skin concerns. I am doing oil pulling, and really like it a lot. I decided to try to go toothpaste-free while I experiment.

2. Making my own dishwasher detergent

I am running out of the detergent I bought or got free for review. Long ago I purchased materials to make this, so I am digging it out and whipping it up

3. Digging deep into the cupboards

For some reason we have a lot of canned and frozen stuff we buy and don’t eat promptly. We are going to remedy this. New recipes will hopefully entice the toddler as well.

4. More ebay and Thredup

This is not so much saving money, but attempting to make some. I have way too many baby and toddler clothes and the consignment store has been ultra picky. I need to unload to make room for the “winter” clothes that some very nice cousin gave us last year. We are in that size now!

I ordered the Thredup bag, and will be sending some clothes off to them, hoping for some return. (by the way if you want to sign up and send a bag in, I get a credit, so go ahead and sign up)

I will turn those credits into anything the toddler will need coming up.

5. Making my own deodorant

I am out of my last tube of sample stuff and Dove. I have been experimenting with a mix of coconut oil and dusting powder that I already made. That powder has arrowroot powder and cornstarch. My first attempt was pretty good, but I had some rose flowers and lavender in the powder and that is less than comfy under my arms.. the de-stink factor IS working though, so I need to get a good recipe that I can get into a stick. That should be fun.

These are a few small things to do, but things that I would be spending money on this week, or soon, so I thought they were good places to start.

So- what kind of things are YOU doing to save money?

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