Girl’s Education Groups, Part 1 10×10 Fund

Girl’s Education Groups, Part 1 10×10 Fund


According to a CNN article last year, education can be supported by financially supporting groups that focus on education.

Let us take a look at a few of them over the year, and see what we can do to help them achieve their goal.

I would like to start off with the 10×10 Fund for Girls’ Education. This is a group that has produced a film, featuring 9 stories of girls and education. Their call to action is that a $50 donation can educate a girl for a year. A YEAR.

I think this is a fantastic starting point for Itzybellababy. We will be considering this donation as we learn more about this group.


I have decided to join their mailing list and take the actions they suggest:


“Thanks for joining

You’ve taken the first step to seeing the world changed by educating girls. Now, use your voice and spread the word:

  1. Share the message on Twitter. Here’s a sample tweet: Giving a girl access to education can end a cycle of poverty. @girlrising is raising awareness, join in!
  2. Share the Girl Rising trailer on Facebook. And remember to include your own personal note why this movement is important to you.
  3. Invest in Girls’ Education. Give to the Girl Rising Fund and support on the ground programs around the world.

Thanks for joining the Girl Rising community!”

I would also like to commit to viewing this film. I will share what I see!

I will be sharing the Tweet as well as the trailer


If I like what I see, a donation may follow. So are you going to commit to any of these tasks?


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