Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part III, Laundry

Green cleaning and organic cleaning can be as easy or as hard as we make it.

Doing laundry can be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Getting clean laundry is considered to be just another given in our busy lives. Getting laundry done in the least environmentally destructive way, and at a low cost are more of an art form.

What does the treehugger use to keep the clothes fresh? The best choice is of course a front load washer if you are able to get one. They use less water, less soap, and with their awesome spinning action, they remove more water than regular washers, which translates into less dryer time. ( although line drying is best.)


Trader Joe’s makes a decent and relatively inexpensive laundry soap. Many people think that the vendor’s suggested amount for washing is the way to go, but frugal treehuggers that do not have extremely filthy laundry find that using half or even a quarter of the soap works just fine. With a front loader, you have to cut back anyway, so that soap container lasts just a little bit longer. Concentrated soaps are definitely the way to go no matter what you buy. The containers will last that much longer, saving resources from transportation to packaging, and especially money.


Soft and static free clothes are a bonus, but not at the cost of the sensitive skin and the environment. Toss out those paper fabric sheets, and liquid petroleum based softeners. White vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser works miracles on getting clothes cleaner and softer. It does not do a lot for static admittedly, but it may be better to take those static-y prone clothes out early or just hang them to dry from the start. In Phoenix, hard water causes many issues, but that vinegar will help work that issue out as well.


And do not forget dryer balls- refer to my review on Woolzies for all the info on that.


If you are having trouble with stains, there are many enzyme based stain removers on the market. Places like Whole Foods and Sprouts carry some excellent stain removers that actually work better than some of the more toxic based products.


Olive oil, tomato stains and more melt away with these organic based cleaners. If you use Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator, you may even discover that if you leave your fancy organic chapstick in your pants pocket, all the way through the drying cycle, that the enzyme cleaners can make all that bad go away…

Hopefully you enjoyed this article on organic cleaners. Be sure to check out the rest of the Green and Organic Series!

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