Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part IV, Hit the Floor

Floor cleaning is pretty important to the health in your home. Our feet trudge through any number of unsavory things during the day, and here is the surface we lay on to do puzzles, play with kids, or pets, exercise and many other activities where we place our hands and bodies next to these “unsavory things.” The best approach to keeping floors clean is to keep our shoes in the garage, at the door or just to take them off before sauntering in to the house. Pets complicate this, but frequent cleaning of their little paws will help a lot as well.

Aside from that, there are many ways to keep that floor clean. If you have laminate, linoleum, ceramic tile or other non-natural surfaces, using a mop with white vinegar is a fantastic way to keep floors sanitized, shiny and smelling fresh. The mops on the market today are pretty amazing, and can pick up debris as they go if you have forgotten to sweep first.


For natural flooring such as travertine, marble, wood and bamboo- be sure to research what the manufacturer suggests. Using vinegar is a disaster to marble so it should never be used. Getting wood floors too wet with the wrong substance can destroy your investment. However, there are many natural oil based products for wood or marbles that are eco friendly and clean well. The best way to protect your floors is to be diligent about keeping them clean, and the wet cleaning will not be as important as debris removal.


Carpet poses any number of issues for cleaning. A good vacuum is always an important investment. Something that can agitate the carpet fibers will help bring the dirt and debris into the vac more efficiently, and keep wet cleaning to a minimum. There are some fabulous wet cleaners for spot pickup- SpotBot, and Little Green allow you to use your own cleaners in a solution to spot treat pesky stains. In these, use the organic enzyme based cleaners to get those stains out.

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