Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part V, Surfaces

This post is part of my green and organic cleaning series. Check them all out!

Cleaning walls and baseboards can be one of the most tedious tasks known to man, but every once in awhile it has to be done. Damp wiping these surfaces is best done with a splash of vinegar on your towel, and within a few seconds you will have a cleaner, and great smelling surface. Actually, if you want to really do it right, clean your mirrors first and then go after those pesky surfaces. If you tackle them a little at a time, it will not seem such a chore.

Bathroom sinks and tubs sometimes need a little more elbow grease put into them then a little vinegar can tackle. For this, you should enlist a lemon and baking soda, but sometimes even that may not be enough.

In a non scientific study performed by the writer, “Earth Friendly Products Creamy Cleanser” is a decent product if you need a little something extra, and/or are out of cheap desert lemons. The product can be a little pricey, but a little goes a long way, and the frugal shopper waits for a sale, and acquires it! Be sure to rinse well after scrubbing, a white paste may be left behind.

Without all those fancy toxic chemicals, sometimes we have to add a little more water. Since it contains some lemon, it can take a little mineral deposit off of surfaces too.

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