Hey bloggers! Looking to monetize?

Hey bloggers! Looking to monetize?

Monetize your blog!

Toddlers like to monetize;)

I belong to a few affiliate programs like Shareasale and I have found them to be very helpful in generating some income and additional blog traffic to monetize my site. There are a few ways that the links can be added to your site and each blog will perform differently depending on the readers and the ad mix, but there is on thing that is clear:
People love deals.
I love deals..
Two programs that have been very helpful to me are Reebok and Tea Collection. Both of these vendors send out frequent creative emails that you can use, or you can generate your own. They often include bonuses for bloggers for posting, sharing and helping to recruit new bloggers. They send out loads of coupons for the readers (and us)  as well as ideas for posts we can create on our own. We get advanced notice for our readers. The sample blog posts and creative ideas will usually include the links with your affiliate code in it so you don’t have to worry about searching for that every time. Just cut and paste, and add your spin to the whole deal.
None of them ever require anything or change the way you blog. When you sign up for these programs you will also have access to a ton more of sponsors. The terms are spelled out clearly in the application, and it takes just a few minutes to get set up.
It is all as much as you care to do, and the incentives are really quite enticing!
Take a look and see for yourself:
Joining programs like these are what have turned my blogging income from pennies a day to much more ( not a ton, but I am just revving up.)

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