Home Again, What to Do?

So, I mentioned a few posts ago that I was recently laid off from my job. It is a bummer for sure, as we were just starting to get it together after not working for so long.

Toddlers test products

Toddlers test products

I find a number of new and exciting challenges.

Mainly, that the toddler is now used to daylong interaction with other kids. She ran and played and jumped nonstop for her days at school, and now suddenly we are cooped up inside as the heat increased, and I find myself online trying to renew my blogging and online work.

It is a hard transition for her. I try to arrange a day of stimulating activities- coloring, crafting, Montessori related tasks like cleaning her tricycle or baseboards (she loves playing with a spray bottle and chamois.)

But I cannot possibly make any money online and entertain her non stop. It is harder than before.

I am also trying to apply for jobs., all of my online work could take hours of my day easily.. and we still need to be eat, and have laundry done… well you know the daily drill on toddlers. Or any family really.

So, we are in for some fun.

I anticipated some of this the first weekend I had off. I started planning.

Here is what I did:

Got out my calender and started planning our days. We needed at least one or 2 outings a week. Our primary concerns are budget, and heat.

1- I got a library card.

In Phoenix, there are tons of libraries and they each have special events all summer. Readings, plays, puppets, but also- the Culture Pass program. They give tickets to the museums, zoos, musical events and plays in town. They are free, but first come first serve. We will be trying to score one for the weekend.

2- Added planned physical activity to every day. At 10:30 we will be doing yoga. So far, she just watches me, but she has a mat and she will join in eventually. I also will be getting our pool set up in the next few days. Some pool time each day will be a fantastic way to stay cool and burn some toddler fuel.

Crafting will be a part of every day.

3- Started planning my blogging. I really have 6 blogs that I publish. I have neglected a few, and I am getting everything back into the flow.I have a schedule of which blogs will be promoted each week, and what kind of topics I will cover.

4- Started looking for online contracts again.

5- Cleaned a mess of stuff out of the garage. For some reason I needed to do that first.. and I am glad. I got worn out by everything and now that the toddler is home, it is impossible to do that kind of activity. She just gets into too much trouble in the garage.. lol.

6-Donated and consigned the stuff from the garage. Now I have more space, and I have a credit at the consignment store to get her toys or such as time goes on.

7- Got plugged back into the Bountiful Baskets schedule. Fresh organic fruit is expensive and with no job I need to pinch every penny while still keeping a toddler healthy. The co-op is a great cost saver for us. We eat a wide variety of food, but there is always something the toddler can learn from in a basket.


Sleeping in a wagon is fun

Sleeping in a wagon is fun

8- Took inventory of what we have, what we need and how long we can sustain things with one income. It is pretty grim. We know what we need to live, and that means I need to still bring in a certain amount each month. I also need to get health insurance. That will be ugly.


9- I really amped up my product reviewing. I am doing SO many reviews each week now, and I am doing video reviews (all on my other blog- http://www.itzybellababy.blogspot.com)

10- We will take advantage of our Children’s museum and zoo memberships. Great investments!

Time will tell how we will do. But I have a short term plan, and hopefully a job will come that fits. Until then, we will keep on doing what we need to do! Stay tuned.. could be exciting!

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