How I had a (mostly) Green Pregnancy-Part I Supplements

I would like to think that as a professional environmental, health and safety professional, I had a relatively green pregnancy. As you may know, I currently have a lovely and sassy toddler on my hands. I have been fortunate enough to stay home with her, and make some income freelancing and blogging. One of my favorite topics is of course- her. But I also had a time when it was about me and trying to keep it green.


I had a look back through my Amazon account to review what I took when I was pregnant- I added the links so you can check them out for yourself. The list is not terribly long, but what I took was pretty important to me.

What kind of things did I do?

I supplemented my diet with well thought out products.I was about to be 40 when I had my daughter and heard so many horror stories of things that could go wrong if I was missing this or that, so I was sure to consult with my birth team and supplement accordingly.

What I took:


1. GEO Organic Egg White Protein

I was on the Brewer’s Diet by the advice of my midwife. This requires the momma to eat at least 2 eggs a day the entire pregnancy. (read that link- it is incredibly informative, and has sample diet plans etc.) This is not a diet to lose weight, but rather a diet to nourish the momma so she can have a healthy pregnancy and baby. There is nothing ground breaking or fancy there. My problem, was that towards the end I was getting really tired of eggs. (I swore I would never eat another egg my whole life. I did of course. I did the day after I had my daughter.. like 8 of them apparently.)

I added it to smoothies and peanut butter and other things on days that I needed to. Anything to eat those eggs. It is important to understand that part of the need for eggs is the yellow part- this powder does not have it, so it is not for the whole pregnancy.

What I liked- this is made of organic eggs. It is only eggs. It has no sugar or flavor added. I knew exactly what I was eating.


2.Emergen-C Raspberry, 30-count

I drank this off and on during flu season when I was pregnant. I never got sick when literally HALF of my office did get sick. I also was given this to drink all day when I was in labor ( about 12 hours or so). My midwife and doula were making cups of this continuously to help keep me hydrated. I drank a lot after I had my daughter too. It has some non organic ingredients, but for the most part it was healthy for me.

3.Nutribiotic Gse Liquid Concentrate, 4 Fluid Ounce

I was advised to take this as a preventative for Strep during labor. So many women end up with the strep and cannot have their natural birth because of this- if you know you have strep and have time, I think you can take this and test again, but work with your birth team on that. I did not have a strep issue, and maybe it was because of this, maybe not, but it certainly did no harm to me.

4.Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin, 150-Count Bottle

I took this supplement before I was pregnant, all during and afterwards while breastfeeding. I am not very good at taking pills, and the bigger ones literally gag me. Being pregnant made this worse, but honestly, I think there were only a few days when I was not able to get one of these down. I also have a sensitive stomach, even while not pregnant. I get nauseous from a lot of multis, but this one never gave me trouble. I always took them at night, and it was nice to only need to take one. SO NICE. This is a food based vitamin and it also has probiotics and some herbs. I think it is a very popular one for all of these reasons.

5. Nordic Naturals – Prenatal DHA – Unflavored – 500 mg 180 – Softgel

I am a huge fan of fish oil for before, during and after pregnancy. I used to give it to my cat for arthritis. I feel great when I take it and have only had good experiences with the Nordic Naturals brand. ( I recently wrote a review and have a giveaway for this product on my other site.)

When selecting a fish oil supplement be sure to understand where the fish is from and what sort of heavy metals and other contaminants are present. This brand has an incredible reputation for quality, sustainability and an overall great product line.

6.Jarrow Formulas Fem-Dophilus, 60 Capsules

I was advised to take this, again to help with the strep concern, and to generally keep myself healthy before labor. It is a generally well tolerated product, and this brand is very popular for keeping flora and fauna healthy.

Hopefully this list will be a good start for a conversation with your birth team. Do your research and understand everything you are taking before you do it! A green pregnancy can be a great way to start out your little ones life!


Disclaimer- I am not a doctor, and do not advise you to do any of these things unless you talk to your birth team. This is just what I did, and what I was told and experienced. Your results may vary! Educate yourself!

17 thoughts on “How I had a (mostly) Green Pregnancy-Part I Supplements

  1. I took Rainbow Light Organic Prenatal Vitamins for my pregnancy last year. They were great at boosting my energy. I had a doula the first labor and a midwife the second labor. Doulas are awesome!

    • Lol- I had a really hard time with broccoli. I also ate toasted seaweed once (which I usually ate a few times a week for lunch before pregnancy) and I have not been able to eat it since. I actually never threw up the whole time- I just wanted to…it was enough!

  2. Thank you for linking up to the Small Victories Sunday linky. What great information for other women who want a green pregnancy. I have pinned this to our board. Have a great week!

  3. Great Job! I have to admit I took a pregnancy vitamin but I did not do much research on them and these sound like great vitamins and a great solution if you get sick. I will share this with my friends that are thinking of becoming pregnant! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It’s so crazy because now I’m a health coach and eat super healthy but the only thing I really did was take prenatals and try to eat as many vegetables as I could. I also had a natural childbirth (with the help of a doula!) but never even thought about strep throat! It’s great that we have more information now on prenatal nutrition!

  5. Although I didn’t take Emergen-C during my pregnancy, I did take it post-pregnancy during flu and RSV season. I wanted to do everything I could to stay healthy since I had an immune-compromised baby and didn’t want to pass on an illness to her. For the most part, I’ve stayed pretty healthy and so has she!

  6. WOW!! I never realized that so many of these supplements existed! I will have to share this post with the pregnant people in my life! Thanks!!

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