Practical Environmentalism

Practical Environmentalism

Over the years I have worked on a number of projects, both at home and at my different jobs in manufacturing plants.

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I have learned that the best environmentalism, is the kind that saves the person or organization money, as well as having an impact on the environment.

I call this Practical Environmentalism.

So many think that treehugging is the very definition of wasting money, or creating overhead in a company. While this CAN be the case, a lot of times the effects of a project can be more than just a good feeling, or future air, water or soil preservation effort.

The best projects save money as well as protect the environment.

There are a lot of people that like to put together their arguments against even these projects, but they are missing some bigger points, in almost all cases.

I question their motivation.

Yes- it sometimes is true that unintended consequences occur. I think you will find that practical environmentalists feel that HUMANS are a problem that never will be solved completely. But we do our best to bring our nasty human habits into some kind of coexistence with the natural environment, such as it is.

Some of the bigger controversies surround my two favorite personal projects- solar and hybrid vehicles. In the following blog posts, I will talk about these two projects and how they have impacted my household and my bottom line, as well as summarizing the pollution reduction efforts that have been realized.

Follow along, comment, debate if you like. But think it through. Investigate the data for yourself and see if practical environmentalism is more reasonable than mindless resource consumption.

I am just a working person, trying to get by in an ever changing world. A person that cares about the environment, and is not making millions off of anything. A person trying to make a living, put a kid through school and TRY to make ends meet.

I would really like you to think about the motivation of debaters that argue against practical environmentalism.

What do they gain? What do we all lose?



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