Mama Cloth, My story

I have been cloth diapering since my daughter was born. We use a combination of flats, prefolds and other liners stuffed into primarily Flip diapers- you can read more about our set up here.

I also started using limited mama cloth when I was post partum. If you have had a baby you may have less than fond memories of the days, and weeks of bleeding that follows a birth. Mine lasted QUITE a long time (sorry tmi.) I do not care for wearing plastic and paper pads for days on end. I get irritation and frankly they stick to you. I was happy that I had the foresight to grab a few postpartum cloth pads before the baby was born. They were my favorite. They were huge, rarely leaked and I loved them. They did not irritate my delicate postpartum bits and I was so happy to have them.  I ended up washing them often, and I will say, even after a lot of use they still look great. The problem was that they were kind of expensive.


As time went on, I decided that I was not going back to paper for around the house. And since I work from home, that was 99.9% of the time. I started making my own designs of mama cloth. I made some nice ones, and some not so nice ones. I have learned somethings a long the way- mainly that I need more! I keep eyeing my daughter’s cloth insert stash and thinking- man- when she potty trains, I am going to make 1000 mama pads.

Well, she is a ways off- and I want new mama cloth now!

I will be posting my experience with these shortly but here are my current logistics.

The mama cloth gets used and then rinsed out completely with cold water. I do this in the area that I rinse cloth diapers, which is in the sink. Mostly I let the water run on the pad while I finish using the toilet and putting on a new pad- no, it does not take a lot of time. I usually just toss them right in the washer and wash them with the baby diapers and such. Some people cringe, but for one they are mostly rinsed out before they go in there, and for another, I am washing poop and pee in there! In the washer we use hot water for just about everything.

Some families with yeast issues should not do this. I have read that families that do family cloth or co mingle diapers and mama cloth sometimes have issues of yeast transferring from one family member to another from co washing. Luckily (knock on wood) we do not have this issue here.

The pads get handled like regular laundry from there. Dried in the dryer, and placed in a pile for use. I do a lot of laundry every day it seems so it is not an issue of always having one in the wash, one in the dry and a stockpile.

I use my original 4 fancy ones for night- they feature a fabric called Zorb and they seem to be best for night use. For day I use the ones I made – some are stuffed with old towels, flannel strips and whatever cotton I had around. Most have a thick denim backing. I have snaps on them and they are great! I had used velcro and it wasn’t too comfy. Snaps are the way to go if you can manage, but you can go without wings too and that is alright.

The key for me is not spending any money on stuff to make mama cloth. I have A LOT of fabric around, and there are even folks that use old clothes to make cloth with. It all works.

If you have not tried mama cloth, I highly suggest it. Most people swear by it, and never go back!

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