Prefold to mama cloth tutorial

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Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial

So by now, you may have read my post on my mama cloth experience. You are now overstocked with prefold diapers and are thinking that they would make great mama cloth, and you would be right! You need a mam cloth tutorial.


I am a lazy sewer, and I am not trying to make anything fancy, just useful for me- so if you are brave- keep reading my mama cloth tutorial!

I had a few prefolds that I used to keep my daughter from chewing her crib on the few times I used to let her play in it when she was just crawling and walking. I would use it like a play pen of sorts to keep her happy playing while I did laundry- it was 3 prefolds sewn together and tied to the crib. I decided that these would be great candidates for mama cloth. I cut the ties off and disconnected 1 so I could sew 2 prefolds together.


My experience with mama cloth has been that if there is stitching through the fabric, it will seep through on the stitches. So whatever you do- don’t let stitches on top contact the ones on the bottom. I had to do some fussing to make this work with these prefolds since they were decoratively stitched.

The before diapers

Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial




2 prefolds sewn together

Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial

In order to achieve that, I decided to sew the ends of the 2 prefolds together, and then just sew a little on each end lengthwise so the diaper would hold its shape. I did not sew more in the middle, so I am hoping the stitching will not be an issue. If it is, I will pull the stitching out. If you think that 2 prefolds together are too much- then you can sew the prefold into a tube lengthwise and just turn that inside out and use the diaper like that. I have one of each, so I can use the double for heavy flow and the single for lighter days.


measure the liner cloth

Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial

Here is the lazy part. I just roughly cut out a piece of flannel a little longer and a little wider than the folded diaper. I sewed the edges down, so they wont fray up. This flannel happens to be new and unwashed, so I know it will shrink.


I then folded the flannel over the diaper to see how I could attach my snaps. I made a kind of envelope looking fold. This is going to be what keeps the diaper attached to my panties. In theory, if you are doing this, you don’t need to do anything to the prefold. You can just use the liner thing and stuff anything in there. lol.

here is the look- I sewed these edges all up so they wouldn’t fray. I am sure I am over sewing here, but I want it to hold up.


Here are the stitches.



I then laid out the liner and where I wanted the snaps. I made the line too big here, so there is extra fabric. I placed the snap kind of in the middle. Really I could use 2 snaps here and get a better fit, but hey- I am lazy.. lol


Here are the snaps all lined up.

The finished liner over diaper

Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial

how the prefold lines up

Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial






The finished liner over the diaper looks like this. I think for future versions, I will trim the fabric a bit. Frankly, an extra bit of fabric on my mama cloth is probably going to be ok here.

That is it. As I said- it isn’t fancy, but it is functional. These will be great overnight and I guess postpartum if you are looking for that time.

Thanks for checking out my mama cloth tutorial!

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