What are you saying?

What are you saying?

A Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:


“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”


I was reading up on some Quality news at work and an esteemed quality writer ended his article with this quote. I was really impacted by this.

In business, he outlines, the effect of a CEO or top manager working shoulder to shoulder on the factory floor with every level of employee to make the work better, faster, more efficient. He talked about the joy that these individuals bring to their workplace by showing their genuine and complete dedication to making work better.


I was touched by a CEO in this way back in my semi-conductor days. It was an experience I think about from time to time, and I wonder how many of us can apply this kind of behavior in our day to day lives.


Consider the enthusiasm, the time it takes, and whether most of us do the same. So many of us wander day to day in our lives, and leave so little or worth behind. Myself included.


I get up, I eat, I bathe, I perform various tasks of importance to the health and financial success of my family, but what have I “said.”


As I reflect on my days, I see it isn’t much that I actually value.


What can we do to change that when we are trying so hard just to keep our head above water?


I don’t know really.


I DO try to add my small little voice to the blogosphere, but I suspect my reach is so small it is almost inconsequential. I am working on that.


I try to teach my daughter to be kind. I teach her to take care of herself and enjoy music, art, creating fun from the things around us.


But what is it saying to her overall? I am not sure. I suppose I will never really know until she is older.


It just leaves me with the question, and so I pose it to you- what are you saying?

12 thoughts on “What are you saying?

  1. As a teacher I hope my students are aware of how much I am helping them. I work closley with them going over questions and being attentive to their needs. I know they are listening and paying attention when they get that ah ha moment.

  2. I have many discussions with others about how their actions say more than words ever can. It is so true to remember this when parenting so that you remember to set a good example through your actions, not just your words. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope I’m saying, “be true to yourself and live an authentic life. Don’t be afraid to take chances, even if they scare you, things have a way of working out.”

    I see so many unhappy people who have gotten themselves into a pickle by doing what they thought that should do without considering what they wanted to do when it came to creating their life. It’s ok to buck tradition and change course if you feel the need.

    I never thought I’d divorce and move abroad alone at 35, but 5 years later, I have a life that’s pretty close to ideal, all because I listened to my heart and took chances.

  4. Getting up every day and trying to be positive is the first step. I think that when we are working day in and day out just to keep our heads above water we cannot see the “forest for the trees”. Trying to live moment to moment, day to day takes a lot of work. One kind word to or from a stranger can make all the difference in the world.

  5. I’m really not sure what I’m saying. As I age I’ve often thought about this question and more so here lately after recovering from a serious illness, I hope when all is said and done that others can say that I said “enough” to make a difference in some way where each of my family and friends are concerned. I try to do and say the right things, day by day.

  6. Wow what a powerful statement! Me, I’m a college student, going to class and not doing much right now. I really want to make a difference in the world, society, in someones’ life. I just don’t really know how right now.. I feel like I need to push through, be brave and go for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. This is such a powerful post and so true too. I think people’s actions really do speak a lot louder than words. I am a SAHM and I sometimes wonder if my son and other half realise just how much I do in a day. I hope they do because I work so hard to keep them happy and looked after 🙂

  8. Actions really do speak louder than words, what I have seen at work and how my boss does things is wonderful and I am always honoured to work with her.

  9. I try to say a lot of things to my toddler, but he never fully understands. I think he thinks I’m strict or stern, but I’m trying to get him to listen to what I say. I never really know if I come across the way that I want to!

  10. I often wonder this myself. I am a writer by profession, and I have to ask myself this very question to make sure I am writing content that speaks to my varied audiences. Since everyone’s perception is different, it’s easy to lose sight when you have to reach someone that is different, younger, older or in a different field as you. It’s always gratifying to get reassurance from others when you know you’ve done something well or right.

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