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As you know I just got this new blog hosted by Bluehost. I can tell you that the process is incredibly easy to start. I signed up in a few minutes, and I was happy to have my own domain name at last. ( I never could remember my old blog name when I had to type it in manually- it was just toooo long!)

Bluehost new blog setup wordpress

Bluehost new blog setup

There are tons of options available for platforms, but I decided to use WordPress as it seems to be the most popular among all the cool bloggers these days. And we all want to be cool bloggers right? I know I do.

So I got my account all squared away and started building.


Bluehost has many many tools to help. If you feel like you don’t want to learn about the ins and outs, they have several services to get you started without the hassles. New blogs or blog transfers can be completed by their team of experts and leave you to create beautiful and thoughtful content.



I needed to choose a template for my blog. I was pretty overwhelmed at the selection that was available. You can go with the myriad of free templates, or you can pay for some fancier ones. I wasn’t sure what I wanted until I looked at about 5 templates that I didn’t want. Funny how that works.

I was happy to see that there was a filter option available to help me narrow doen the selection. I am a bit fussy, so I wanted to be able to pick my own colors, and I wanted to have a banner ( the little baby feet) that went across the top of my page. I had one on my old page and I kind of wanted the same feel. Got that.

I wanted to keep the same color scheme too so I picked a template that I could change. You can pick some premade ones if you want to trust a pro at color picking. I see the advantage to that!

I got that all setup fast, played with the colors and I was ready to start. I basically cut and pasted a few posts from my old site to learn how it all works. There is a process to transfer blogs from blogger, but I really wanted to play, so I did.

Posts were flying last night! I added 7 or so pretty quickly. I learned the linking and image additions. It was pretty easy really. And here I am adding pages like a madwoman.

I am still adding and learning, so I will update this page as I get more practice. I will say though- if you are looking to build traffic- be sure to check out the plugin for WordPress SEO by Yoast- It tells you if you are on track for a great page that will be loved by search engines. Easy to use!


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