Summer is here- Support Local Produce And Co-ops

Summer is here- Support Local Produce And Co-ops

Summertime features some of the tastiest and freshest fruit around. I love to check out what the local farmers are selling to inspire me to make incredible deserts and snacks.

(I have no green thumb and have had little success gardening here in the desert of Phoenix, so I really depend on the other local folks to grow organic produce for my family.)


I found a great place online to find the closest markets near where I live-

Local Harvest

You type in your zip code and you can see what markets are open and when. It is a fantastic way to support local produce, and organic non-GMO food. I was able to find several places in Phoenix where I live, as well as in places where my family members live (just to test it out.)

Prices vary on local produce, but the taste can never be beat! The folks here in Phoenix love to tell you about the food they picked for you that day.

THAT is fresh!


If you don’t want to have to sort through the markets, another great option for fresh and organic produce is to participate in a co-op such as

Bountiful BasketsĀ

I have been buying baskets from them for years, and have found it a great way to try a sampling of produce, often not local, but organic. The prices are great since the deals are negotiated in bulk. You never know what you will find in the basket, but it is always fresh and good. (They also have a non-organic option as well.) The co-op is run by volunteers so there is no overhead or extra charges. All the money goes into the food you are buying at cost.


Have you found any other great ways to enjoy summer local produce?

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