Biodegradeable Glitter

I was recently reading an article about the environmental perils that the world has accumulated because of glitter.

As a mom of a small girl, I have a not inconsequential collection of glitters in my house. These range from crafting glitter and scrapbook glitter, to hair and facial glitter. I could easily have 3 or 4 pounds of the shiny disaster in my house at any given time. YES- this is a disaster in the making.

I can’t do much about the glitter I have already accumulated, but as it turns out, glitter does come in a more palatable environmental form.

There are several companies that sell biodegradeable glitter! I am supposing it is made of fresh unicorns and rainbows that biodegrade quickly in my nearest landfill or sanitary sewer.

(I am imagining a wastewater control technician watching the glitter from my daughter’s shower as it parades through the treatment plant.. omg- rainbow sparkle wastewater!!)

I have not tried any of these products yet, but please do weigh in if you have had any experience with them. I would love to try a few. My daughter will run out of her bad glitter soon enough, and more will need to be acquired- this is where I will start!

Biodegradeable glitter