I’ll Have a Green Christmas, With or Without you

My intention this year: I’ll Have a Green Christmas, With or Without you



As the Christmas insanity begins, I wonder how much environmental damage this holiday racks up every year.

I recall last year, that my daughter received several LARGE gifts from a favorite relative. Gifts she adores, but they make me think the problems that are created by such items. One, was a giant stuffed ridable horse that makes noises.


She has used it about 5 times over the course of the year. It sits in her door way on a regular day. It blocks the entrance to her closet, and doesn’t allow us to close the door in her room.

She has a lot of big furniture, some that needs to go, but some that won’t, like her over stuffed bookshelf. So, this pink monstrosity lives on there.

It was made in China, and was shipped via Amazon to the gifter. There are obvious eco damages that occur from transportation alone. And this is a BIG HORSE. Made of petrochemical based materials.

It will not be recyclable.

I will be donating it, as she decides to do so.

I won’t just take her treasured horse.

Some other little child will also get to enjoy this pink horse, but at the end of its life, it will go to landfill.

I am not complaining that my child got a gift, but rather, it is not a gift that a treehugger, and a person with a smallish house needs. We had mentioned that she might take horse riding lessons last year, and thought items related to that would be great.

But a giant pink pony was not on my list.. lol






So what could a Green Christmas look like in our house?


Items I always appreciate:

Green water bottles (glass, stainless and lead and BPA Free)

Gift cards for Etsy

Audiobooks, or credits for them


Not shockingly, these are gifts that help me to be green all year. A water bottle keeps me from using disposables at work, or while hiking or shopping. Etsy gifts can be for anything from a new handmade purse, some new mamma cloth, or parts of my costume for the Renaissance Festival. And of course I listen to audiobooks all year,


Gifts I appreciate more:

Gift cards for dining- with that person

Time spent somewhere, doing something we both like

Anything solar


Most of my family lives away, so any time I spend with them is special. If they even wanted to come visit as a gift, I would enjoy it. Time cannot be bought! Ugly kitten sweaters are definitely not needed, either.. lol


Gifts that are great for someone else:

Donations made on my behalf to someone else- an eco cause, an organization like Heifer International, a donation to a women’s shelter


These have so much more happiness per dollar than any sweater, or card you can send me. Helping others, and the planet are my favorite causes. I don’t get to do it enough, and if you can help, that is going to make me feel great. I will also know that you KNOW me, and took time to get something you know I really wanted.


So, is it possible that I’ll Have a Green Christmas? I am not so sure, but one can hope.