Your Air Quality

Your Air Quality is very important to your health, and to the environment around you. There are tons of websites online that can tell you the air quality for the air you live in.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and we have some seriously miserable air quality during certain times of the year. All of our hours of sunlight, and a gazillion cars  add up to produce high levels of ground level ozone and many other pollutants.

It is easy for me to see what is coming up by signing up for their free air quality alerts at:

I get their emails at home and on my work account.


I find that not only do they have great air quality forecasts, their weather forecasts are even better. Over time, I have realized that they are more accurate than and Go figure- the forecasts are created  locally..


They have an app and even text messages as well. I use them at work for my Trip Reduction contests and they are amazing. I can see everything I need to reward my coworkers for taking part in rideshare activities.


If you live outside of Maricopa County, you can do similar tasks on 

Your air quality is tracked all over the country, so all you need to do is look it up.

More information is better when it comes to Your Air Quality. You can now plan to stay in, or go out and know how clean your air is!