Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part V, Surfaces

This post is part of my green and organic cleaning series. Check them all out!

Cleaning walls and baseboards can be one of the most tedious tasks known to man, but every once in awhile it has to be done. Damp wiping these surfaces is best done with a splash of vinegar on your towel, and within a few seconds you will have a cleaner, and great smelling surface. Actually, if you want to really do it right, clean your mirrors first and then go after those pesky surfaces. If you tackle them a little at a time, it will not seem such a chore.

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Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part IV, Hit the Floor

Floor cleaning is pretty important to the health in your home. Our feet trudge through any number of unsavory things during the day, and here is the surface we lay on to do puzzles, play with kids, or pets, exercise and many other activities where we place our hands and bodies next to these “unsavory things.” The best approach to keeping floors clean is to keep our shoes in the garage, at the door or just to take them off before sauntering in to the house. Pets complicate this, but frequent cleaning of their little paws will help a lot as well.

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Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part III, Laundry

Green cleaning and organic cleaning can be as easy or as hard as we make it.

Doing laundry can be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Getting clean laundry is considered to be just another given in our busy lives. Getting laundry done in the least environmentally destructive way, and at a low cost are more of an art form.

Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part II, The Many Many Lemons

Green and Organic Cleaning Series

Green and Organic Cleaning Series

Green cleaning may seem overwhelming, but sometimes the solution is as simple as picking a piece of fruit from a tree…

As a desert dweller, we have some advantages at certain times of the year in terms of natural resources. An extra supply, or an extra cheap supply of lemons can be the green cleaning treehugger’s best friend. What can we do with these little lemon friends besides making lemonaid, lemon juice, lemon ices, lemon juice ice cubes etc?

Clean your tub- cut your fresh, or even better, your old unusable lemons to scrub your sinks and tubs. Just cut the lemon in half, dip it in your favorite powder- baking soda, borax or even salt, it is just to abrade the surface, and then proceed to scrub your surfaces clean. Rinse with water and you are done.

Perfect for scrubbing

Perfect for scrubbing


Smells delish

Lemons with Baking soda scrub


Garbage disposal getting funky? You should take that just used lemon and shred it to pieces in the disposal. It will clean any and all moving parts and get your sink smelling super fresh. ( It is probably best to limit the number of seeds, just so the unit does not protest.)

the smell is divine

The Sink being cleaned, by nature


The Sink with mineral buildup








If you have not cleaned your faucets with vinegar yet, you might want to go ahead and get some lemons and give that hard water buildup a scrub. Lemon pulp is a little messier, but the acidic cleaning process works just as well.

Using limes is another option, if that is all you have, but they do not seem to work quite as well. But – if all you have is limes- make limeaid!

Green cleaning can be inexpensive and effective- what other uses for lemons do you have?

Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part I, Hard water solutions

Hard water solutions are not always easy.

Cleaning with greener products should be the goal for every aspiring treehugger out there, but the penny pincher should not forget to do the same. When you go about stocking your cabinets for cleaning supplies, you should always consider the environment, but not at the cost of getting the job done effectively, or draining your bank account.

Some of the best cleaning products are inexpensive and easy to use. One of the biggest challenges to some parts of the country is the super hard water that comes into the home and businesses. One can acquire a water softener, but many do not want the maintenance and cost of such a device. You need some hard water solutions!

So what is a treehugger to do? Yes, we can use toxic cleaners and sprays, but there are cheaper and safer alternatives.

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