Juicing for a Sick Kid

This week, I have been Juicing for a Sick Kid. The little person of the house has had a cough and I think, a developing cold all week. I sometimes struggle to get fluids in her to compensate for her being sick, but I find Juicing is something she will always accept. I am mindful that this is a lot of sugar, and not a lot of fiber, so we really don’t make a habit of it. I feel good about it really.

So we use the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor with these little bags.   With this set up, the dried or semi dry materials are pretty easy to clean up.

Over the past few weeks, we have been getting fruit and vegetables from  CSA, and we have a lot of things I have been lazy to cook or prepare. The juice is an easy way to clean out the fridge and not waste the goodies we have.


Juicing for a Sick Kid has looked like this:

Day 1

2 long carrots

2 ripe pears

Ginger chunk


A few sprigs of parsley


Day 2

2 green apples

A few sprigs of parsley

Chunk of ginger

2 celery stalks

A small Satsuma orange ( no peels)


Day 3

A beet

1 carrot

1 pear

Ginger chunk

A small Satsuma orange ( no peels)

A few sprigs of parsley



Each of those make a small serving of juice in a coffee cup for me and the short person. It is about a full coffee cup for each recipe, depending on the size of the materials you use. The kid inhaled all of these juices in seconds. I do encourage this, since they are pretty thick if you let them sit and separate.

She may be on the weird side, but she asked for more beets last night. We were out, so we need to shop for a few more, I guess.

As for me, I am not a huge fan of greens in my juices, even though I know the value of them. I could not taste the parsley at all. I COULD taste the celery in the  Day 2 juice, but it was nice in that blend. I have some chard and I am considering using it tonight with some apples. Apparently it is the new kale.

I am not a fan of juiced kale.. so hopefully that will not be true. HA!

Juicing for a Sick Kid is pretty easy though. Try it!


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Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part V, Surfaces

This post is part of my green and organic cleaning series. Check them all out!

Cleaning walls and baseboards can be one of the most tedious tasks known to man, but every once in awhile it has to be done. Damp wiping these surfaces is best done with a splash of vinegar on your towel, and within a few seconds you will have a cleaner, and great smelling surface. Actually, if you want to really do it right, clean your mirrors first and then go after those pesky surfaces. If you tackle them a little at a time, it will not seem such a chore.

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Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part IV, Hit the Floor

Floor cleaning is pretty important to the health in your home. Our feet trudge through any number of unsavory things during the day, and here is the surface we lay on to do puzzles, play with kids, or pets, exercise and many other activities where we place our hands and bodies next to these “unsavory things.” The best approach to keeping floors clean is to keep our shoes in the garage, at the door or just to take them off before sauntering in to the house. Pets complicate this, but frequent cleaning of their little paws will help a lot as well.

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Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part III, Laundry

Green cleaning and organic cleaning can be as easy or as hard as we make it.

Doing laundry can be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Getting clean laundry is considered to be just another given in our busy lives. Getting laundry done in the least environmentally destructive way, and at a low cost are more of an art form.

Green and Organic Cleaning series: Part II, The Many Many Lemons

Green and Organic Cleaning Series

Green and Organic Cleaning Series

Green cleaning may seem overwhelming, but sometimes the solution is as simple as picking a piece of fruit from a tree…

As a desert dweller, we have some advantages at certain times of the year in terms of natural resources. An extra supply, or an extra cheap supply of lemons can be the green cleaning treehugger’s best friend. What can we do with these little lemon friends besides making lemonaid, lemon juice, lemon ices, lemon juice ice cubes etc?

Clean your tub- cut your fresh, or even better, your old unusable lemons to scrub your sinks and tubs. Just cut the lemon in half, dip it in your favorite powder- baking soda, borax or even salt, it is just to abrade the surface, and then proceed to scrub your surfaces clean. Rinse with water and you are done.

Perfect for scrubbing

Perfect for scrubbing


Smells delish

Lemons with Baking soda scrub


Garbage disposal getting funky? You should take that just used lemon and shred it to pieces in the disposal. It will clean any and all moving parts and get your sink smelling super fresh. ( It is probably best to limit the number of seeds, just so the unit does not protest.)

the smell is divine

The Sink being cleaned, by nature


The Sink with mineral buildup








If you have not cleaned your faucets with vinegar yet, you might want to go ahead and get some lemons and give that hard water buildup a scrub. Lemon pulp is a little messier, but the acidic cleaning process works just as well.

Using limes is another option, if that is all you have, but they do not seem to work quite as well. But – if all you have is limes- make limeaid!

Green cleaning can be inexpensive and effective- what other uses for lemons do you have?

Organic Ideas, Part I Green Shopping

Green shopping can be a challenge. Depending on where you live the resources vary as well as prices and quality.

Grocery shopping for organics can be pretty hit or miss for most stores. Although many are increasing their items on a regular basis, the variety is usually pretty thin, and the prices are not terribly good. I find the following 2 places a great source for my organic food here in Phoenix.

Trader Joes

Whole Foods

For the very best of organics, however, buy local. Try your local farmers market. They are much cheaper and fresher than any grocery store could ever be. In the Phoenix area, despite being in a desert, we have some very nice growers that feature some delicious produce.

Here are a few great farms, some with delivery and visits available and their links:





If you want a regular pickup of organic fruits and vegetables, I highly suggest utilizing Bountiful Baskets

A great market you may want to try is Roadrunner Park, at Cactus and Greenway. Saturday mornings in the park are awesome. Bring your dog and after a nice shopping trip you can enjoy a nice walk about. Although some of the vendors do take credit cards, it may be prudent to bring cash, your own cloth shopping bags, and a healthy imagination of all the recipes you can create with bags of fresh goodies.

Farmers markets are not just for food of course. You can pick up some handmade soaps, household items, or sometimes you can even get a chair massage if one of the vendors are present. The markets are open all year, except holidays, so if its summer, wear a hat and some sunscreen, drink plenty of water and you are on your way.

You can check out a list on http://www.arizonafarmersmarkets.com/ and make your own favorite market.

I don’t think there is a better deal in town for fresh produce than this. You need to sign up during a certain window, and pickup during a certain window, but its fast and easy and so worth it. They are available in several states as well, so it isn’t just for Arizona.

More to come fair readers… please let me know if there is a topic you are looking for next- I am happy to oblige!

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