Prefold to mama cloth tutorial

Final Product

Prefold diaper to Mama Cloth Tutorial

So by now, you may have read my post on my mama cloth experience. You are now overstocked with prefold diapers and are thinking that they would make great mama cloth, and you would be right! You need a mam cloth tutorial.

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Mama Cloth, My story

I have been cloth diapering since my daughter was born. We use a combination of flats, prefolds and other liners stuffed into primarily Flip diapers- you can read more about our set up here.

I also started using limited mama cloth when I was post partum. If you have had a baby you may have less than fond memories of the days, and weeks of bleeding that follows a birth. Mine lasted QUITE a long time (sorry tmi.) I do not care for wearing plastic and paper pads for days on end. I get irritation and frankly they stick to you. I was happy that I had the foresight to grab a few postpartum cloth pads before the baby was born. They were my favorite. They were huge, rarely leaked and I loved them. They did not irritate my delicate postpartum bits and I was so happy to have them.  I ended up washing them often, and I will say, even after a lot of use they still look great. The problem was that they were kind of expensive.

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