Wordless Wednesday 5-14-14


Yesterday my daughter and I went to visit my friend’s horses. Yes. Plural. She has 4 (one was off at “school” so we didn’t get to meet him.)

This particular horse is a mini- only 38 inches I think, and he is full grown. He is a bit of a camera hog. He kept getting his mug all up in my camera lens. Very cute and sweet.

We spent some time feeding them carrots and taking 700 pictures. Yes, 700. My camera has an auto function and will take a series of pix in a row, which makes it easier to catch the antics of horses and toddlers.

I will be publishing more pictures in an upcoming review. Stay tuned, because the cute overload is coming!



Wordless Wednesday 4/30/14

You all may know I have a toddler. I also have another blog that I still maintain for reviews and giveaways and such.. this week I had to do a review of an awesome bicycle light. I had to do a photo shoot for the review to demonstrate how it looks and such. I decided to use the toddler bike for a trial.


The toddler was very interested in this of course, and there was much unhappiness as I installed it, because she knew what I was doing and she wanted it NOW. The photos amused me, and didn’t all end up in the review…she will be enjoying the light now though…


Lumenz bike light and toddler

Lumenz bike light and toddler