Have you been vaccinated from terrorism?

Have you been vaccinated from terrorism?

I made a commitment earlier in the year- a resolution of sorts, and I would like to get firmly on my objective for 2015.

What is it?

 To help vaccinate the world from terror.

Yea yea, vaccination is a hot topic out there, so I maybe stole a word from the headlines.. but still…Everything I have read has shown that education, specifically of women, discourages terrorism and terrorist related acts.


Why is that?


I am sure an educated population has the ability to access and question history and the world news. Maybe not. In any case, it is hard to argue with education, unless you want to keep a population under control.


So, my year is going to be comprised of bringing you opportunities to support education, not just here of course, but in countries like Nigeria-where one particular group has decided to formulate an entire philosophy about destroying education.


I feel pretty confident that money is going to be key in this endeavor, but I also wish to seek out methods to support education that do not involve cash. After all, not all of us have a lot, but we do have voices and internet access. This should open some doors for us.


So, if you are following along- welcome. Please feel free to share your ideas with me so we can share them with the world.


We can vaccinate the world against terrorism- one book at a time.

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