What to Consider When Buying Eco Friendly Business Cards

So, I wrote a post about the places I shopped to buy my eco friendly business cards. It occurred to me that you may want to research the companies yourself, OR you may have other companies to consider. But perhaps you do not know what would differentiate one option from another.

printed at Morningprint

printed at Morningprint

Here are my thoughts on things to look for when shopping for eco friendly business cards-

1. Type of paper

Recycled content paper is the gold standard for an eco friendly business card.

The paper may be post consumer waste- or already used paper converted into new paper.

Pre-consumer waste which is material recovered during the paper making process and converted into paper. This is pretty common in computer paper for example,  as the companies are saving money during production.

Both of the above options are made of trees. The paper company may also offer sustainable forest paper or some other designation and that is always better than just plain old paper.

Tree free paper is sometimes an option. Bamboo, hemp, recycled denim, flowers, reclaimed currency, and seeded paper are all incredible looking papers, but very hard to find. The price is usually substantial for these papers- but they sure do look nice and send a great message.

2. Type of ink

Ink can be a pretty toxic brew of material. There are heavy metals and solvents that make the printing cheaper and easier but not necessarily better for the environment.

Soy or vegetable inks are the eco friendly choice. They are made in a more benign fashion and are less toxic in the environment.

3. The company culture

I used to be responsible for printing a mandatory annual environmental report for a company I worked for and I would dread killing all the trees for the publication.  I was lucky back then to have found a great printer that featured these options long before anyone else did. We paid A LOT of money for this but it was worth it to correctly portray the environmental commitment. ( I think they are out of business now unfortunately- it has been 15 years now..)

So many companies that do printing are great companies to offer environmental options. But there are companies that ONLY have environmental options as that is their core business. These companies are always my favorite. They really get the green thing and I love them.

They may offset their carbon emissions, donate money to a green cause, buy green power to run their business.. all great practices that make me happy to patronize them.

There is usually a premium for this but as more businesses work with them, this is bound to come closer to the cost of non eco options.  I try to use these businesses as much as possible.


business card

eco friendly business card

What other things do you look for when shopping for eco friendly business cards?

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