Wordless Wednesday 5/28

Well, it is officially summer in Phoenix, and I do not welcome it. 105 today.

It reminds me of the time that I borrowed a thermal imaging camera from my old work, to test a few hot spots in my house.

I try to be energy efficient, but I had some hot spots but didn’t know why. I discovered that there were entire areas of my attic where the insulation was removed. Seems every time we had any work done in the attic, we lost some insulation. ( I suspect it got moved and not moved back.) For reference, we have the standard fiberglass insulation, and then a bunch more blown in cellulose insulation.

On a hot day, it was around 105 the day I had the meter, I can easily see where insulation exists and where it doesn’t.. This camera is amazing. I also had a little fun taking images of my cat and my man. Great amusement and energy savings- what could be better?

3 (14) 1 (13)

These are my door to the garage- clearly in need of some insulation.


6 (9)8 (28)

My hot man.    This is in the living room- vaulted ceilings are a pain, and we are getting a lot of heat on the corners.


15 (4)13 (33)


My cat ( I miss him)     and the outside of my house. BLAZING hot. The yellow spots say 161 degrees..

Ideally you would do a set of images before improvements, and then go back and re-examine those areas after the work was completed. I purchased foam insulation and blew that in inside a few wall spaces to improve the insulating properties. Unfortunately, I now longer work there so I can’t borrow the camera to verify my improvements.

This is the camera I used. A very easy to use tool. There are less expensive models out there, but this one lets you download the images to your computer. I had it up and running in minutes, and I didn’t even read the instruction manual.
FLIR Systems FLIR E4 Thermal Imaging Camera, 80 x 60 with MSX

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